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Client cases

Simplifying the complex.


​RiACT is radically innovating the space for robotics software by bringing the ecosystem platform thinking to robotics that we know from mobile devices and apps. Hence, simplifying the complexity of robot programming.


RiACT chose Grant2green to prepare an application for Eurostars mobilizing SME and university participants from Denmark and Sweden to bring visual perception to the software toolbox.


The GUI of RiACT's RiFLEX software is easy and intuitive to use because the complexity of robot programming is folded into the software. However, what goes on inside RiFLEX is highly complex and draws on radical new scientific concepts invented for RiFLEX. A major challenge was to adequately capture and communicate these new concepts within the limitations of the Eurostars application format. This was achieved thanks to an open and constructive application process where applicants and Grant2green co-created a successful narrative. Simplifying the complex helped to secure the Eurostars grant.

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