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How We Work

Finding the right opportunity

There are many grant programmes out there, and the soft funding landscape is dynamic with ever changing focus areas and eligibility criteria. We know our way around this maze, and will guide you to the opportunities with the best chances of success. 

We help with:

  • Finding the right funding programmes.

  • Project scoping and consultation with programmes.

Making a winning application

Putting together a convincing application involves getting the right partners on board and shaping a compelling project narrative. Furthermore, to demonstrate and document the impact and details of the proposed project in alignment with the evaluation criteria of the target programme. Many programmes request applicants to pitch the project to a selection panel, either directly or by video, and we also support this with the aim to ultimately succeed. 

An application will typically include a technical description highlighting the innovative aspects, a business plan with an impact assessment in both economic and sustainability terms, as well as a project plan with work package descriptions, timeline ond not least a budget.

We help with:​

  • Applications and programme formalities.

  • Project budgeting and partnership formalization.

  • Videos, panel pitches and pitch decks.

  • Dialogue with the funding programme.

Making a wining application

Getting started

The grant will set things in motion for you, and you will likely want to start as soon as possible. We therefore offer to help you through the grant agreement phase and to get the project started. 


When a grant is awarded, it often comes with access to a wider landscape of grant or loan funding opportunities that you may pursue for the subsequent stages of your venture. Our customer pledge is to be at your side until your business idea has launched. We hope that our collaboration will expand from the first grant award to see further funding needs met by the soft funding opportunities that we target.

We help with:

  • Grant agreements and budget finalization.

  • Project management and reporting procedures.

  • And the next grant, of course.

Getting the project started
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